Monday, 23 October 2017

On The Road to Recovery

This pic is just before they set my leg on Monday night before my op Tuesday morning,the blood parts are were my broken bones stuck out.

 A week later i am on the mend it will be a 6 month recovery period,with my screws coming out in 3 months.
I have been very lucky as a lot of people that have had a compound injury in their foot have had broken wrists as well,guess what i can still stitch,lol,i did a bit for the first time today,i had been very sick for 4 days as i had bad reactions to the drugs that i was given,but all is better now and i can eat again.

I am so looking forward to the pics from my buddies in America,got a message from Lynnie and Barb today which lifted my spirits,so now i will follow there adventure through pics and cant wait to hear their wonderful stories when they get back.
Looking on the positive side i wasnt meant to go this time,but hopefully another time i will get the chance.

Thankyou everyone for the love and hugs you have sent to me and also all the phone calls ,they have all meant the world to me.

Cheers and lots of love
Shez xx

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Yee Haa

Happy Thursday to all of Shez's blogging friends. My name is Kellie and I'm Shezs oldest and most awesome daughter (just don't tell my younger sister!) Just letting you all know that Shez had an accident on Monday night which resulted in her ankle breaking in three places and a compound fracture meaning that her bone cut through the skin and was exposed.
Shez had surgery early Tuesday morning to have two plates inserted on either side of her ankle bone to help the healing process begin.
Shez is still in hospital and is resting however wanted me to let you all know that unfortunately Shez won't be able to head to the USA this time as planned. However, knowing Shez she will be back better than ever with a new bionic ankle and a new found resiliency. 
Thank you for supporting mum on her journey 😊

I am so excited today i head to Barbs and then we are both heading off to Anne's to stay the night as we are heading off very early in the morning to meet our 3 other friends at the airport,because we are all heading off to America on the Michelle Marvig tour.
Oh boy we are so excited,Michelle ended up with enough people to do 2 groups so we are going with Chris Jurd and meeting up with michelle in new Orleans.
I am also looking forward to spending fun times with my friends Kim,Clairebear,Lyn Barb and Anne,i still cant believe i am going,to think 5 years ago i hadnt been hardly anywhere outside my home town and now i am heading to America a dream come true and its even extra special doing this trip with friends.

We are all ready with our tickets ,passports and information,so Friday we land in Los Angeles,then we fly on to Denver and then we fly onto Kansas the home of Toto,lol,so we arrive at 6.30pm American time.

Next morning we drive on to Hamilton the home of the Missouri Star company where we will listen to talks from jenny and to be able to buy quilting items,then onto some more patchwork shops.
Day 5 we travel on to St Louis.
Day 6 onto Kokomo where we will get to visit the Quilter's hall of Fame and after tea we get to visit the home of quilter Xenia Cord.
Day 7 then we go to Shipshewana the 3rd largest Amish area in America,we get to spend a day at the Amish Widower Barbara Stahly and her 5 sons on their 8o acre property which includes visiting their bakery,candy shop and then we have tea with this family and a video show after the meal,i cant wait for this as the Amish community and the way they live have always fascinated me.

Day 10 we are off to Chicago
Day 13 we are off to Houston where we will catch up with Michelle Marvig,we go to preview night for the International Quilt Festival ,we have tickets to be able to attend 2 days of the quilt festival,we also get to visit the Texas Quilt museum and we get to visit the Painted Pony n quilts at La Porte

Day 17 we head off to New Orleans,where we are staying at the French Quarters,thats where the Vampire and werewolf series the Originals are filmed.
We get to have lunch on a paddle steamer on the Mississippi River,we also get to visit the Grande Dame of the Great River Road which is a huge Oak Plantation 31 kms of giant oak trees believed to be nearly 300 yrs old and we also get to visit Mes Amis quilt shop.
Next day we go on a swamp tour and experience the beauty of the marshes and swamps,then onto Chateau Sew and Sew studio

I hope it doesnt go too fast for us,see ya all back in November,not sure whether i will be able to post while away as i am not on FB or IG anymore as it was taking up too much time and i need that time to work on excercise and next year i want to do sewing for my home and for my family,so thats the plan.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Cheers Shez xx

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I am loving making Michelle's snowie's, its a gorgeous freebie drawing that Michelle sent me with a pattern i had ordered,love this drawing ,just as well as i have 25 roughly to make,lol.

I got a chance to sew up one of Laurens cute designs from her new book Pretty Handmades,there is so much in this book that i want to book.

This is the very cute pin cushion out of Lauren's book and was quite easy to make,i enjoyed playing with the felt as i havent touched it  for awhile.

I was also very lucky to win a prize from lovely Leanne of Petal&Patches,thankyou Leanne.

Hope your day is a good one.
Cheers Shez xx

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Yipee all Finished

Just thought i would let my FB and IG friends know that i have unfriended them and deleted my FB and IG ,i did it this way so that i am not tempted to go back,i spend way to much time on the computer especially with Candy crush,and i want to spend more time exercising and taking time out for me and  to keep up with the housework  and to also start sewing for my home,believe it all not i dont have much at home that i have made for myself,lol. So i will see how i go with my blog for now.

Hooray i have finished my 7th needlecase,i dont want to do another one for quite awhile now,lol.

Its a pretty one in soft greens.

Now they are put in their cellophane bags ready for wrapping and putting gift tags on.

My cousin is celebrating her 50th birthday early December and she had wanted to buy a reindeer from me,i told her i dont  have time and i dont do orders,lol,so guess what she is getting for her birthday,i think she will be rapted with this little fellow.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Bits & Pieces

On the way back from The airing of the quilts i called into Gails emporium and had a lovely time looking through the shop looking at  their new stock and they are now going to be stocking Liberty prints.
I spent about 1hr and half sitting on the back veranda chatting away with Gail,it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Hubby and i celebrated 43 yrs of marriage last week and went and had a lovely lunch on Sunday at the bunch of grapes in Ballarat,lol,he hates having his pic taken.
We had been too busy during the week to go as we had the grandies with us.

 I took my Grandson Riley into Smythesdale to check out some of the history of the town and he was fascinated with the old gallows ,he is reading how many people had been hung and what crimes they had committed and what year it had happened in.

I also had 11 finishes for the month of September.

Hope your day is a good one.
cheers Shez xx

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Airing Of The Quilts in Steiglitz-Part 2

After our lovely scones with jam and cream we walked down the hill to view some more quilts

Lots of lovely quilts,Lyn found some fur which we think was kangaroo.

Then we walked back up the hill to view the quilts outside of the old court house.

Top left hand pic is of a quilt made of ties and along the bottom they had sewn on the brand name labels of the ties,top right hand side the quilt was covered in fabric tags,i think it was made for someone leaving school and all the school friends signed a tag.

Then we kept on walking up the hill to the courthouse and top middle pic Lyn founds some family members that were listed in the cemetery.
Top right pic is of an old pipe they used to make them out of wood.
Bottom left is a couple of old bellows and these were quite big.

Then our tummies were grumbling so we drove into Meredith and went to a little cafe,i forget the name of it and we had a lovely lunch and a drink and sat and chatted for quite awhile.
Lyn had also spotted this cement loungeroom in front of the local pub,it was quite amazing i swore it was white leather till i went to touch it.
Then it was time to go our separate ways,thankyou Lynnie for a wonderful day .

Hope your day is a good one.
cheers Shez xx

Monday, 9 October 2017

Airing of the Quilts in Steiglitz-Part 1

I had a wonderful day on Saturday when i meet up with my buddy Lyn for the airing of the quilts in Steiglitz.

It was a beautiful spring day with a gentle breeze,perfect for walking up and down the hills,lol.

Lots of lovely quilts on display apparently there was a lot less than the years before,as this year you had to bring your quilts and display them yourself and to look after them where as other years 1 lady took on the responsibility and it got to much for her,such a big job.
This pic is outside the old PO.

There is so much history in this old gold mining town,its a shame alot of the old buildings have gone.

We took a walk down the hill to this very old cottage to have some morning tea.

Along our walk to the cottage we found this,it was in memory of the gold mining pioneers and was built in 1951 a 100 yrs when this town was born.

Wow this cottage was awesome and left just the way it was back in its hey day,you werent allowed to touch the walls,boy if only the walls could talk i would love to know about the families that lived here once upon a time.

Lynnie and i sat on the back veranda looking at the beautiful landscape and it was just so peaceful with birds chirping and we both felt like we were on the little house on the Prairie as we sipped away on our homemade lemonade and freshly baked scones with jam and cream.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Cheers Shez xx