Sunday, 11 December 2016

Gifts For Lyn

 Because Lyn was unwell and couldnt make it to our Fat 1/4 girls blog meeting ,i handed out the gifts that Lyn had made and then i collected the gifts for Lyn from the other girls and Lyn was blown away with all the parcels,top right is the lovely decoration that Barb had made Lyn.
Bottom right is the lovely pin cushion that Anne had made for her and Lyn found a home for it straight away.
 Top left and right Anne had 10 blankets of love ready for Lyn to sandwich together and Barb had crochet some gorgeous premmie hats,so Lyn will have a nice bundle to take to the Geelong Hospital.
Bottom left is a lovely pot holder that Kim had made for Lyn and bottom right is a lovely wall hanging that Kim also made for Lyn, Lyn was very happy with all her goodies.

 I also dropped off the swap gift that was Lyn's in the draw,and boy was Lyn happy ,this gorgeous santa sleigh was full of wonderful goodies and Lyn straight away changed her xmas table to have it as the center piece

 What a clever idea from the very clever Tracee and the tag on the front of the sleigh was made by Tracee on her machine,what a fun day we had,Lyn also showed me how to use a rotary cutter and a patchwork ruler,so i also learnt alot from Lyn as well.
Thankyou my dear friend for a wonderful day ,take care and see you soon.

 Life only comes around once.
So do what makes you happy and be around people who make you smile.

cheers shez xx


  1. Hello Shezzie you are making me feel like a movie queen grin thank you all for what you did for me.especially you Shez for your care support and friendship at this time when I felt so down

  2. These are wonderful creations.

  3. Fabulous gifts. Love the sleigh. Hugs,xx

  4. What a lovely group of friends you have!

  5. Lots of fun with with your friends and grandchildren...

  6. HOw wonderful! Gorgeous gifts.

  7. how great that you could collect her parcels and take them over....

  8. Always good to catch up with bloggy friends

  9. Lovely gifts for Lyn...everything is gorgeous xx

  10. What a very special day! Lyn is such a sweetie. It's so nice to be able to visit with her through your blog! Thank you for all the lovely pictures! XO

  11. WoW...that's a lot of chrismas cheer in one
    Awesome gifts swapped too.
    Merry Christmas my friend...xox