Sunday, 26 February 2017

Lets Show our Support

I just want to help my friend Chooky blue ( Donna Ditchfield) reach her target of raising money and awareness for the fight against cancer.
She is walking for many of her blogging friends love ones plus also her FIL who is fighting cancer,so i am hoping  friends out there in blogland will get behind and support Chooky on her walk,every bit helps,thankyou Chooky for doing a walk for my mum and Michelle's boy,it means alot to us all.luv you heaps.

Please Sponser Donna in The March Charge 
Feel the Charge when you tell cancer where to go

Thankyou Chooky (Donna) xxxx


  1. thanks so much for your support Shez.........extra big hugs for you my friend.......

  2. Yes a wonderful effort from easy to pop over and help her along xxx Thank you my friend 💛💙

  3. She is an inspiring woman!!