Friday, 1 December 2017

Family Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated my brother's 60th birthday,it was great having most of the family there and my brother's son and daughter came down from Sydney to celebrate with their dad and it was so good seeing them again,above is a pic of my brother and his Fiance ,Joy ,she had arranged the weekend for him.

Bill always has us in fits of laughter with the faces he pulls,this pic i think he was excited with his bee sting cream sponge cake,lol.

Some more of the family ,2 sisters and nieces.

These are our 2 daughters Renae on the left the baby of  our family and Kellie on the right our eldest.

2 of our GD's have boyfriends now and what lovely boys they are,boy the grandies are sure growing up quick,lol.

2 more of our grandies having fun with my crutches,lol.
It was such a fun day and i loved seeing the family and all the cousins,it was a shame my mum and dad couldnt go as they are both very unwell.

And i have been spoilt again by 2 lovely friends,thankyou both very much for thinking of me,i will enjoy using all of these gifts.

Hope your day is a good one.
cheers Shez xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your brother! How lovely to be able to get together and celebrate! Love Bill's face on that photo! xx

  2. Looks like a wonderful get together. Love the photo of your brother & his funny face. It gave me a chuckle. Hugs,xx

  3. What a beautiful family pictures !!

  4. What a fantastic way to celebrate with your brother... glad you got to go (even if you overdid things!) Great pictures...

  5. It looks everyone enjoyed the party.

  6. There(s Nothing like a happy family gathering :D
    Indeed your brother looks FUN, and your family is beautiful...

    ENJOY your weekend, dear Shez

  7. Great family photos! Enjoy, Shez. Kisses.

  8. Hello dear Shez!
    Happy birthday to your bother!!
    Lovely pictures with your family!
    You really had a great time!
    Enjoy your preety gifts!
    I hope you don’t have trouble with the floods.
    Have a happy November!Hugs!

  9. What a nice family gathering!

  10. Happy special birthday to your brother. Lovely family occassion. Sorry your parents weren't well enough to attend xx

  11. What a great family GTG for your Bro's BD..
    Your GC are all growing up quickly.

  12. Looks like a great night was had. So sorry your mum and dad aren't well xx

  13. Great pictures. I always love seeing what fun you have!
    xx, Carol

  14. What a lovely party for your brother. Always great to get together with the family. xx

  15. Precious family time....... Grandies growing up fast..... Hope you have been able to get over to your parents while you have been laid up..........

  16. A great family get-together to celebrate your brother's birthday. I love these fun meetings too.

  17. Family times are just the Best, Shez... love the pic of the grandkids with your crutches!

  18. What a great get together and yummy cake.