Thursday, 28 December 2017

Very Spoilt

I have been very spoilt this Xmas and this beautiful parcel came from my buddy Fiona

How gorgeous this this sweet woollen purse i just love it and all the other beautiful goodies that Fiona sent to me,thankyou my friend.

And this gorgeous parcel come from my lovely friend Chez,i love the grey tea towels,gorgeous colour.

 Chez's brother makes the most amazing wood projects and this sign is gorgeous.

These are all the wooden projects that Chez's clever brother has made for me ,i love them and have them on display all the time,he is very clever and so is Chez,she designs them and her brother makes them for her,a great team they make.

Chez also sent me these gorgeous glass Xmas decorations made by Villroy & Boch,one is a reindeer and the other is an angle,thankyou so much Chez for my wonderful gifts,i love them all .

I also received this beautiful wall hanging from my buddy Anne (no blog) i love this design ,thankyou so much Anne its gorgeous.
Thankyou my friends for spoiling me and making my Xmas day special.

We had a great Xmas day and caught up with all the family and DD1's inlaws and we finally got a pic of us with our 7 grandies,boy they are growing up so fast,love them all we are so blessed.
Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas.
lots of Love
Shez xx


  1. Fantastic pic of your family. Some more lovely gifts. I agree, Chez and her grother are truly gifted.

  2. Hello dear Shez!
    Wow!So many beautiful gifts you received!
    Love the purse and the glass Christmas decorations !
    Lovely photo with your family!
    Have a lovely day!Hugs!

  3. Sweet photo of your family! Happy holidays!

  4. You got some wonderful gifts, enjoy! The photo of you with your lovely family is wonderful, glad you were able to be together. Hugs, Valerie

  5. So many beautiful gifts you received!
    Amazing photo with your family!

  6. So pretty gifts indeed - wow- and an adorable picture of the family - you both look so young - you could be the parents of the kids as well!
    oxo Susi
    Happy start of the New Year!

  7. What a beautiful family photo, Shez. You received amazing gifts. It's great to be spoilt!!! Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays, my friend.

  8. You must have the busiest mailbox in the world! So many amazing gifts appeared in there. Lovely to see your beautiful family!

  9. Qué bonita familia!! Has sido muy bendecida esta navidad, que bonitos regalos, gracias. Feliz año nuevo!!!

  10. Your friend gave you some lovely gifts. I really like the glass ornaments. They remind me of the one Nel just made for me. You can put so many interesting things in glass bulbs. I like the small bird purse also. You will find out that I just love the birds, and often take pictures of them. How wonderful that you got a picture of all the grandchildren. It's hard to get all the family together sometimes.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year, Shez.


  11. ps...the kangaroo Header is very cute. : )

  12. Beautiful Gifts!!!!
    I love the picture with your grandchildren!!!
    Moments to cherish!!!
    Love, Martine

  13. I also love Wonder Woman with the needle in her hand!
    Lovely photos!

  14. Such a beautiful photo Shez! Lovely gifts Shez....glad you have been spoilt xx

  15. Gorgeous gifts, Shez, but even better is having all the grandies together!

  16. Very beautiful family and lovely thoughtful gifts.
    Best wishes to you all for the New Year. xx

  17. lovely picture of the family... glad you like your zippy purse...x

  18. It's so nice to be spoilt with such sweet and lovely gifts! A beautiful family photo - the family resemblance is there in every face! Wishing you and your loved ones the very best in the New year! xx Karen

  19. Gorgeous gifts! Nice to see them all. Wonderful stitcheries, and I also love the woollen purse. Nice to seethe lovely picture of grandies and grandparents. :-)

  20. Thank you for cosy comment, dear Shez! :) You got many great gifts. Awesome, that woollen purse. A nice family photo. xxx

  21. Beautiful picture of you two & your grandkids! You really are spoilt--such great presents from your talented friends!