Thursday, 15 September 2016

Love This

This beautiful bag of goodies was here when i got back home from Portarlington.
Isnt the bag gorgeous it was sent to me by my buddy Fiona,i love it Fiona.

It was filled up with pamper items and a very cute lady bug pen,thankyou so much Fiona for my beautiful gifts and for making my birthday special.

And i was so lucky to be able to spend Saturday with my good friend Sue,we had a wonderful day and i will show you pics of her beautiful garden at her new home,its stunning.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
cheers shez xx


  1. That is a beautiful gift from Fiona!! Very nice!! Hee Hee!! Great photo on the deck Shez!! Looking forward to seeing the others.

  2. Ooh gorgeous pressie from Fiona, Shez

  3. Such a sweet and beautiful gift from Fiona. So glad you are still enjoying your birthday my dear.

  4. It is such a lovely gift! I love receiving this kind of variety gift. Lots of thought goes into the items included. You know the gifter loves you.

    see...your birthday just goes on and on and on.....
    xx, Carol

  5. So lovely of Fiona. Great pic of you and Sue.

  6. Hello Shez! Happy Birthday...... sorry I haven't been about much this Summer.... moving house has made it a very busy time! I hope you enjoyed your special day! Christine xx

  7. Beautiful gift from Fiona, so thoughtful of her . Nice to spend time with your friend Sue . Hugs

  8. Happy Birthday to a very dear friend...

  9. more totally awesome gifts for the one very precious lady xxx

  10. Enjoy your pampering. Sues garden is beautiful! I am speed blog catching up lol! I am sure you had a great time together xx