Monday, 12 December 2016

Sue & Jenny

Last Thursday i had a wonderful time visiting my lovely friend Sue and i finally got to meet her awesome friend Jenny from NZ

Jenny was showing some of the things that she was taking back home to NZ,i forgot to take a pic of  the beautiful xmas goodies that Sue had made for Jenny,lol i was too busy oohing and arrhing.

Sorry Sue i should've taken 2 pics,looks like you are asleep on your feet,lol
This quilt is absolutely stunning Jenny bought it back to Sue after it had been quilted in NZ for her,the vibrant colours on the black was stunning and the FMQ was awesome.

Sue you are so clever and so quick making these wonderful quilts that you do.

How good does this one look,doesnt take Sue long to whip these quilts up,she is amazing and such an inspiration,thankyou Sue for a wonderful visit and i love your friend Jenny,wish i had a chance to catch up with you both again before Jenny goes back.
Hope David also had a wonderful birthday weekend.

 Life only comes around once.
So do what makes you happy and be around people who make you smile.

cheers shez xx


  1. lovely - she's a clever lady our Sue...

  2. Looks like another wonderful visit.
    You are certainly celebrating this festive season... Good for you Shez...Ho ho HO

  3. Another great day with your friends!

  4. Love the hexie quilt and what a good day you all had.

  5. Another fun visit......loving those quilts.....xxxx

  6. Sue's hexie quilt is a stunner....clever girl! Love that frosty too. X

  7. I saw those beautiful quilts on Saturday. They really are beautiful. Jenny is such a lovely person and a bit of fun.

  8. What a wonderful show and tell! Its so fun to see you having lovely times with your friends.

  9. So nice you had such a good visit. Both quilts are so pretty. Love the meme at the end of the post.
    xx, Carol

  10. Thanks for sharing these beautiful projects.

  11. Sue is amazing. How gorgeous are those quilts

  12. Shez, those quilts are almost as gorgeous as the trio of beautiful faces I see!