Friday, 6 January 2017


I had a rush trip down to Portarlington and on Wednesday i got to spend the day with my buddy Lyn
Lyn has'nt been well but she is slowly improving.

We stitched and chatted for many hours and Lyn also made us a lovely lunch.

How cute is this wonderful wallhanging in Lyn's entry,i thought of you Michelle with the kookaburra's.

Lyn showed me her lovely antique quilt that she purchased on her trip to the USA a few years ago.

And another lovely piece both of these were made with the finest muslin,so dainty.

How cute are these lovely dolls that Lyn picked up at one of the local fabric shops.

I just loved these pumpkin table runners,they looked fantastic on the table with the pumpkins.
Thankyou lyn for a wonderful fun day and it was lovely to meet your mum and dad.
Take care my friend.

Dont forget to signup with Chez and friends for Friday Night with Friends,to signup go here.

 Life only comes around once.
So do what makes you happy and be around people who make you smile.

cheers shez xx


  1. Lovely day for you both. Fabulous to see Lyn's quilts, dolls & runners. Hugs,xx

  2. how fun... chatting, trunk show, food.... friends... it's all there..

  3. Oh so many beautiful pieces at Lyns. Glad you had a nice day. Healing hugs to your Mum xx

  4. Lovely day and gorgeous eye candy.

  5. What a lovely day out. Glad that Lyn's health is improving.

  6. Looks like you had awonderful relaxed day with a dear friend. Looove antique quilts !! I hope Lyn is recovering quickly. I am sure you helped with her healing process.

  7. Wonderful day for you two, Lyn has many beautiful things in her house.

  8. Hello Shez, a warm thank you for your friendship and companionship, especially during my continued illness. I had the best day with you and good for both our souls....

  9. A good way to catch up. Lovely quilts. Gosh, I reckon I may still have that pattern stashed away for those little dolls. Great reminder.

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Love seeing Lyn's antique quilts. It is good to hear that Lyn is feeling better. Hope you have a beautiful day my dear.

  11. Looks like a fabulous day, I hope that Lyn is much better. Wonderful quilts and stitching.