Monday, 4 December 2017

Finishes for Nov and a New Start

I surprised myself with these finishes for the month of November,5 all up,it has been a god send being able to do craft while i am healing,otherwise i think i would've gone crazy just sitting in the recliner day after day,lol.

Another gorgeous friend sent me this parcel to keep me busy,thankyou so much Ondrea,i am so blessed with my friends,and i appreciate every one of you.

Hubby picked our first vase full of flowers for inside,love the colours and they smell so nice,i could sit there sniffing them all day,lol.

I have gone back to doing some more on the reindeer,i had the legs and arms sewn before my accident,so a couple of days ago i stuffed them and now they are ready for painting.

Lol they look like ice cream cones,hope to sew the body up tomorrow.

My friend Cathy is picking me up for craft today,it will be great to get out of the house and not have to worry about wheelchairs,lol.,i am so looking forward to catching up with the girls and Joy is back from Saudi Arabia ,yipee.

Hope your day is a good one.
cheers Shez xx


  1. You have done well with your crafting seeings your movement is limited... as you say thank goodness you have had that to do... how gorgeous are your reindeer. Have a really lovely day - not too much hopping about!!! haha


  2. Your finished works are so beautiful. Well done! It is good to have friends. So nice you can go out and meet your friends. Good luck to finish the reindeer. I also think the legs look very similar to ice cream cones. Lol. :-)

  3. Great finishes, Chez. I love the fabric for the reindeer legs. Nice idea to paint the boots. Kisses, my friend.

  4. Your "legs" looked so nicely stuffed. That is something that I have trouble with. My stuffing always looks lumpy for some reason!!!!

  5. Lovely finishes Shez.. sorry I couldn't make it this morning, other than all the other stuff I mentioned I ended up getting a migraine :( Hopefully next week xx

  6. Hello dear Shez!
    Your crafts are very beautiful!
    Well done!Perfect work for the reindeer’s legs!
    You are so talented!!
    Enjoy you day with your friends!
    Have a happy new week!

  7. Great finishes! Can't wait to read about your day out.

  8. That pack of hexies looks delicious! Lovely flowers, hope you enjoy your day. xx

  9. Such lovely finishes, Shez... and I'm so happy that so many good friends are thinking of you. Watch your mailbox, it's not over, though HeHeee :D

    In stitches,

  10. Beautifil finishes for November. Oops, I need to do my OPAM. Love your reindeer even though he is currently legless. Mmm, I can smell your roses from here.I hope you had a wonderful day of freedom today.

  11. Have fun on your outing Shez, and your reindeer looks fabulous - looking forward to seeing the 'legless' one Good to see your getting better but on the plus side - wow what a lot of stitching you are getting done - well